Merry Christmas! I’m Finally on Instagram

Merry Christmas! We’ve made it yet again to the day we celebrate friends, family, and the birth of Jesus. Whether you are spending today gathered around a tree with your family, driving to visit family and/or friends, or you are in a hotel room as I am we all have something to celebrate today.

And because I’m in such a giving mood this time of year, I’ve decided to go ahead and finally join Instagram. Now you might be thinking, “I already follow you on Instagram…” Well, if you followed the amount that was originally set up for The Weekly Flare, then yes, you do already follow me on Instagram. Since that show ended early this year, the Instagram account has been left in limbo and it was going to stay that way.

That is until last night, when I rescued it from drifting endlessly through cyber-space and revived it under my own name for posting all the pictures I don’t take but think I should. So perhaps, more I’ll take all those pictures and fill your life with all the joy and humor that can only be had by following me on Instagram.

So Merry Christmas and head on over to my Instagram and follow me:

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