Overheard Conversations

Have you ever been sitting somewhere, just minding your own business and you unintentionally over hear someone’s conversation? I don’t mean if you are out people watching or stop what you are doing with the intention of listening in on someone’s conversation. I mean truly just minding your own business but the conversation is so loud, and the participants are so animated that you, and everyone around you, can’t help but notice?

I remember one such moment while in college. To set the stage, my first year or so in college I really didn’t spend much time on campus, so the fact that I was sitting in the cafeteria when this all took place is amazing in its own right. And then that I wasn’t wearing headphones to block out all the noise is another miracle, but I digress. So, there I was sitting in the cafeteria. I honestly don’t recall what I was doing or why I had decided to eat on campus that day but I do know that the short conversation I heard that afternoon made it all worth it.

So, here is the short, but amazing conversation that took place between three people. As best I could tell the premise of this conversation was this guy and girl explaining to their friend how they met. I could be way off, but for the sake of the story, lets go with that. And so we pick up at the end of the conversation, where for some reason, unknown to me, I suddenly found myself captivated by what was unfolding before me.

Guy: “Its the red hair right?”

Girl: “First time he walked by he kept going so I did this…” *flips hair a couple times* “…Now we talk a lot.”

Guy: “I did like a triple take.

And then, just as quick as I found myself captured by this brief moment, I no longer could make out any of the conversation and moved on with my day.

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